Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Welcome to Synthetic Meatball

just like the real thing*

Synthetic Meatball is an experimental curatorial project exploring the increasingly pluralistic methods of art exhibition and viewership. By operating largely via social media and online, we can connect with a large, diverse community of artists and share with gallery patrons through exhibitions, interviews, and features.

Synthetic Meatball was founded in 2020 as a means to increase artists’ visibility, remove barriers to access, and to foster community among emerging and mid-career artists. We are so pleased to be working with you!

This project extends beyond the small, rural, midwestern community in which we live and connects makers from all over the world. The idea of sharing art online is certainly not new, but representation is not yet equal. There is space here.


Our first #opencall invites emerging to mid-career artists to submit work to be shared on social media, the Synthetic Meatball website, and interviews.